Sven Co-op issues & fixes

A collection of less common issues and their workarounds.

Texture lump 'x' not found/Checkerboard textures

  • Most likely caused by an outdated wad file with missing textures. Look for a new version of the map.
  • A server transferred old/faulty files. Delete svencoop_downloads to clear up third-party content.
  • The CVar r_wadtextures has been set to 1. Reset it to 0 to load textures that are baked into the map. Disable the Steam cloud feature if the CVar resets to 1.

Linux client won't run with pipewire

Install the lib32-pipewire library for Arch and pipewire-audio-client-libraries:i386 for Ubuntu.

Server won't run on Ubuntu 22.04

The game depends on v1.1 but Ubuntu 22.04 ships with libssl v3.x. If reverting to an older Ubuntu release isn't possible the library can be sideloaded by copying & to the SC server root folder. Download libssl from

Windows client crash on Xeon processors

Run the game in Windows 95 compatibility mode.